Watching Squirrels

Hello there, reader. Hopefully you’re here because you have read one of my books, enjoyed it, and decided you would check out this brand new janky site of mine. Otherwise I can only assume you stumbled onto this site by accident and are swiftly on your way back out the door, in which case, auf wiedersehen. But if you are here because you like how I string words together, that’s super cool, and you are one of a very small and exclusive club of readers who have glanced at my work. Cheers! And to celebrate this, I hereby mention that I have completed another two books, and I am currently in the early stages of sorting out cover artists, formatters, and hopefully, ARC readers/reviewers etc. All very slow and soul sapping, and that’s why my attention is so easily distracted by the delightful grey squirrel which frolics and capers about the back garden on a daily basis whilst I am trying to work.

The first book is Heathens, a horror novel set in my home city of Liverpool, England, which focuses on the ancient and still prevalent bloodshed between a decimated druid clan and the freakish, monstrously-deformed Christian aristocrats dwelling in a subterranean mansion.

The second book is Ferryman’s Toll, the sequel to Hourglass which I am very excited to release, and perhaps even more excited to commence work on the third book in the series, Strange Fates. If you, dear reader, are a fan of urban fantasy, supernatural super-heroics, monsters, and quite elaborate world-building, and have yet to read the first book then you can get a FREE copy by joining my mailing list. N.B. I’m so out of my comfort zone with all this website malarky and whatnot that there is a chance that I might have effed up the giveaway/mailing list contraption, in which case I would be happy to send a FREE digital copy to any who get in touch with me via Twitter/Goodreads/or a simple response to this post.

Well, the squirrel’s back. Thanks for reading.


Published by danieljamesauthor85

Daniel James is a fantasy/thriller/horror author from Liverpool, England. When not writing, he loves reading genre fiction and comic books, watching movies, listening to music, and playing guitar (he also used to play bass in a few local rock bands). His character-driven, action-packed urban fantasy novel, Hourglass, received a Kirkus Star from Kirkus Reviews.

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