Relapse Jones: Parodic Investigator #3

So I’m propping up the bar at Potters. My usual spot. It’s a handy place, being on the corner of my block. And people know where to find me. For better or worse. For potential clients? Better. For people who want to feed their knuckles to my mouth? Worse. It’s Worse that walks in now.Continue reading “Relapse Jones: Parodic Investigator #3”

Relapse Jones: Parodic Investigator #2

My head is pounding, but I haven’t been punched or tied to a chair in a couple of days. So it must be the latest hangover. I knock back a couple of aspirin with my morning one-two of bourbon and black coffee. What are you my, my doctor? This is what real men do. It’s what detecting men do.Continue reading “Relapse Jones: Parodic Investigator #2”


Good evening, one and all. Yes, so Hourglass #2 is out, and I’m very excited! Check out that cover. Nice, right? But forget my excitement for the moment. More importantly, I hope a few readers out there are excited to see what’s next in store for Clyde, Kev, Rose and Ace. What I can sayContinue reading “NEW BOOK RELEASE! THE FERRYMAN’S TOLL”

Relapse Jones: Parodic Investigator

I’m sat parked across the street from the dame I’m being paid to watch. Not in a creepy way. I’m a professional. The money’s not great, but it keeps the office lights on and me hip-deep in black coffee and desk-drawer bourbon. The broad is a real looker in person, her photograph didn’t lie, noContinue reading “Relapse Jones: Parodic Investigator”

Should Authors Keep Their Fiction Local? A.K.A. Grammar Police

Should authors stick to their native lands? I have seen several book reviewers make critical remarks on this subject in recent times, only one of which was actually directed at me. Naturally, these opinions were all negative, but their arguments are fundamentally flawed in my humble opinion.Did Terry Pratchett actually frequent Discworld? Did Tolkien spendContinue reading “Should Authors Keep Their Fiction Local? A.K.A. Grammar Police”

Hard Drinkin’ & Hard Bitin’

The Joe Pitt Casebooks (#1-5) are a must for fans of neo-noir and vampires. I remember speeding through these years ago, and then a second time not so many years ago, and I’m frequently on the verge of doing so again. They’re that good. Author Charlie Huston has bled all the boot-leather tough and streetwiseContinue reading “Hard Drinkin’ & Hard Bitin’”

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth (with a Bloody Nose)

In celebration of Cobra Kai’s recent release, I thought it would be very topical to talk about bullies. Love them, hate them, maybe you are one, bullies are a fundamental part of life. They’re a rite of passage which most of us (including yours truly) have suffered, and endured over the years. I recall theContinue reading “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth (with a Bloody Nose)”

A Pleasant Xmas Surprise! (Making it to the magazine, not the mug.)

Hello, and Merry Xmas, or a pleasant and religiously neutral Saturday Eve. Religion…pah! Happy Corporate Donations to all! Excuse me, I’ve had a few ciders. I’ll keep this brief. This isn’t so much a blog post, but more of a polite heads-up, a swindle, a desperate shoulder shaking to any curious sorts who enjoy authorContinue reading “A Pleasant Xmas Surprise! (Making it to the magazine, not the mug.)”