Boom or Bust? An Indie Author’s Guide to Writing Action Scenes.

Since I started writing, my action scenes have been complimented on enough times for me to assume I’m doing something right. Now whilst I’ve dabbled in other genres like neo noir thrillers and horror, each of which require a more toned down and tense style of action, its my Hourglass series which has garnered theContinue reading “Boom or Bust? An Indie Author’s Guide to Writing Action Scenes.”

7 Reasons to Kill (7 of my favourite revenge films)

Revenge. It’s a captivating topic which underpins much of humanity’s existence, and storytellers throughout the ages have spun yarns of every conceivable fashion on the subject, from cautionary tales, to morality plays, to more base-level fixes of violent gratification. And as a species, we can’t get enough of this diverse and tragic genre. And soContinue reading “7 Reasons to Kill (7 of my favourite revenge films)”


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