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“Hourglass by Daniel James is a paranormal thriller for people who enjoy depth and substance.  Bursting with supernatural beings and a unique plot this will be a huge hit with fans of comics and superheroes.” — Artisan Reviews

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Druids with shotguns.

I was supposed to upload one chapter of Heathens each day following my previous post which included the novel’s prologue, see below! Alas, I was busier than expected. But during those few days I did come to one conclusion, and that was how ugly the prose looks when pasted onto this page: weird spacing, oddContinue reading “Druids with shotguns.”

“A genre-busting thriller, Hourglass is an occult masterwork of tension and grit. Like Mieville or LeGuin at their best, the world-building of this novel is expansive.” Self-Publishing Review

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