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“Hourglass by Daniel James is a paranormal thriller for people who enjoy depth and substance.  Bursting with supernatural beings and a unique plot this will be a huge hit with fans of comics and superheroes.” — Artisan Reviews

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A Horror Short

Having been recently bitten by the short story bug, I’ve been compelled to produce a horror and dark fiction anthology, if only to purge a number of my extraneous ideas from my head, where they continue to gather and swarm like flies about my spoiling brain. Eventually, when it’s complete, the collection will be calledContinue reading “A Horror Short”

The Introvert Reviews – Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo del Toro

First posted 16/05/2022 at the awesome Kendall Reviews. http://kendallreviews.com/book-review-cabinet-of-curiosities-guillermo-del-toro/ Pan’s Labyrinth, Cronos, Devil’s Backbone, Hellboy. What do they all have in common besides being visual works of art, treading the fine line between nightmarish fairytale and astounding beauty? They were all made by visionary director Guillermo del Toro. And of course these are only aContinue reading “The Introvert Reviews – Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo del Toro”

“A genre-busting thriller, Hourglass is an occult masterwork of tension and grit. Like Mieville or LeGuin at their best, the world-building of this novel is expansive.” Self-Publishing Review

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