A Collection of Author Interviews

Fanbase Press (11th November 2021)

“The germ of Hourglass was an unexpected one. I was in work at the time, thinking about James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy when “Limelight” by Rush came on the radio, and I just got this great vibe and a sudden urge to dive into this world of action and spectacle, horrible, almost Clive Barker-esque monsters…” –Daniel James on his creative process. Courtesy of Fanbase Press

The Table Read (24th January 2022)

“…the biggest challenge was getting what was essentially two parallel narratives in Clyde’s journey, and that of oppressed Russian monk Konstantin Kozlov’s pilgrimage into the dead realm, and having them dovetail into a satisfying and explosive finale.” –Daniel James on the biggest challenge of writing Hourglass. Courtesy of The Table Read

Self-Publishing Review (25th January 2022)

“I always wanted to start a sweeping fantasy epic, which traded castles and swords for covert intelligence organisations and guns, all the while keeping the hoards of monsters, unlikely heroes, tests of loyalty, shifting allegiances, and demonic kings.” –Daniel James on why he wrote Hourglass. Courtesy of SPR