“An exciting and complex tale with memorable characters, standout battle scenes, and riveting worldbuilding.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A genre-busting thriller, Hourglass is an occult masterwork of tension and grit. Like Mieville or LeGuin at their best, the world-building of this novel is expansive.” Self-Publishing Review

“Bursting with supernatural beings and a unique plot this will be a huge hit with fans of comics and superheroes.” — Artisan Reviews

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“James offers a fun, psychedelic thriller that’s steeped in classic rock and teen melodrama and styled after Stephen King’s Christine and Carrie.” — Kirkus Reviews

“In the gripping fantasy novel Fable, supernatural elements break into the real world as friendships turn dark and deadly.” Foreword Clarion Reviews

Pigs is an intense and gripping read.” – Literary Titan